All grown and quilted 🙂

Well, at last!  After working on the Lydia’s Forever Stars quilt, it is now its long journey to meet its owner!  I made it just under the wire too.  The finishing touches were completed early this morning at 1:00 am AKT.  She received her final bath and press at 10:00 am then enjoyed her photo shoot for the big reveal at noon 🙂 

I started this quilt on the first of October or there abouts, maybe the last week of September, in design.  Then went shopping for just the right fabrics for her.  Lydia’s favorite colors are black, red, WHITE, and monochromatic color schemes.  I tried to pick fabrics that reflected her taste as I wanted to make sure she would use it!  Warm and natural batting was used and all cottons.  The backing is a high quality cotton.  Now here I did something that most quilters scream and quilt police scream about.  I did not prewash any of the fabrics.  I wanted the old time pouffy, soft comfy feel that says and invites the owner to “use me, curl up and snuggle”.  I do not preshink cotton batting–never have and never will.  So, total shrinkage was less 4% and the look and feel was accomplished!

Close up of quilting motif after wash

Close up of quilting motif after wash


I chose to do my own quilting motif by creating templates of the eight-pointed star in two sizes.  These were quilted in the monochromatic areas of the quilt with a coppery brown thread that complimented the darker fall fabric I chose for the accents of the outer and inner stars.  I think the process worked well with this pattern and was expedient for hand quilting 🙂

Here is a picture of the backside/backing after quilting process 🙂
Back quilted 8 pointed star design

Back quilted 8 pointed star design

This is the way the back appears.  I wasn’t real imaginative with the backing for this quilt in the way of a fancy print.  I had it in mind for the quilt to be used for the white and contrast quilting.  With her liking white, it seemed appropriate 🙂
So this has been my labor of love for my dear MIL, Lydia.  My family contributed by sacrificing their time to allow me to work on it in order to get it finished in time LOL  They have promised to email me pics of the generations gathered around the quilt after it has been given to her.  I will most definitely share them with my friends 🙂
My next big project is quilting my Rick’s birthday/Christmas present!  The TATW mystery quilt we just finished up with on One Stitch at a Time!  Sheesh, why don’t I ever do anything small?  Pictures of the topper are coming tomorrow 🙂 before it goes on to the quilting frame 🙂  This one is KING size!  Oi Vey!

This November brings another Thanksgiving Day and our little Missy Lydia’s first birthday!  Gosh, I just cannot fathom that little bundle of energy being one year old already!  Grandpa, Mommy Danielle and Daddy Adam are taking our little Missy to meet her Great Grandmother Lydia!  Have you ever just welled up with tears at the thought of bringing the generations together and celebrating life as God has meant for us to do?  I sadly cannot accompany them, but I know how much love will be shared by the generations of my family and the joy it will bring to my dear 2nd mom, Lydia!  They have been planning this trip since Lydia was born last year and now the time has come for them to travel. 

With only a week left before they leave, I am on a countdown to finish Mom Lydia’s quilt!  I don’t know if I told you all the problems I was having with the border, but it was being a stinker!!  I still am not satisfied with it, but it is as God intended it to be for sure, cause there is no changing it now!  I know I promised pictures, and I will post them but want to do so with the finished quilt.  I used warm and natural batting (she is allergic to polyester?) so the quilt is a little heavier than I had imagined, but the “Forever Stars” pattern is magnificent in Lydia’s favorite colors 🙂 I chose to do the outline of the largest star in large handstitches to enhance the monochromatic scheme of that part of it.  I myself am anxious to see it finished.  Little Missy already gave it her approval LOL! 

My next Big, Big project is quilting my All in the Color Family Mystery quilt for Rick’s birthday coming up on December 3rd.  He really has no idea that I made the quilt for him!  And he thinks he knows me so well.  He has convinced himself that quilt will remain a UFO!  Lord forgive me for my deceit! cause I let him think that.  Knowing that I would need something to work on,  I kept it packed away until they leave so I can get it finished while they are gone 🙂  I won’t abe able to post a picture of the quilt topper until the mystery finishes its’ run on OST.  There are 3 more clues to be given out and they will be completed by the end of the month.  So you all have two weeks left for my reveal 🙂

I have some upcoming projects that will be coming to the blog 🙂  I am working on a quilted sweatshirt jacket tutorial and a denim bag and apron tutorial from cast off jeans!  I am not sure when they will be ready, but they are in the works and coming along nicely.  I am thinking sometime in December 🙂  In regards to the quilted sweatshirt jacket tutorial–I am flying by the seat of my pants on this one!  I literally scanned the internet for patterns, ideas, pictures and I asked members on OST if they knew of any links or had helpful suggestions.  So I collected all the information and looked over several real life examples and came up with what I am doing.  I can promise you it will definitely be original!  You know, there used to skads of information out there and patterns, how-to’s etc., and then they were gone, except for a few (and most of them pretty dull and unimaginative)!  Well, if any of you readers know me, I am anything but dull and unimaginative when it comes to designs LOL

Hope you all have a terrific weekend and week!  Be writing again soon!


King size and ready to quilt!

King size and ready to quilt!

Welcome to my blog!  The picture above is representative of my passion in life next to my family and grandbabies!  I caught the quilting bug years ago, but never really did much with it until I found myself a victim of Kmart’s Bankruptcy cut outs.  I turned to quilting and made it my passion, my art, my income, and my community of friendship across the world.  I have never once regretted my choice! 

I have many friends who have helped me along the way, and have learned some hard lessons also.  I am forever grateful to the many who saw me through my growing pains, taught me the art when they were not even aware they were teaching by example, and to the many who rightly criticized my work.  To all of them I say “Thank You” with utmost sincerity.

I am the co-owner of One Stitch at a Time, a yahoo quilting group.  We have many activities on OST, like our upcoming Octoberfest Sew-in/Retreat, swaps, free patterns, and mysteries!  We are an invite only group, meaning that I or one of the moderators will have to send you an invitation to join.  It is well worth the effort!  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/One_Stitch_at_a_Time/

If you would like an invitation, contact me at: 1foxiegrannie@gmail.com  We welcome new quilters and are in the process of setting up a Beginner’s Quilt Group that will have beginning basics, beginning patterns, tutorials, on-line assistance from our volunteer teachers, and lots of fun!!  If this is something you would be interested in, please drop me a line at the above email address and I will put you on our waiting list!

Thanks for visiting today!  Feel free to drop a comment!


Carmen Thomas

It occured to me while writing a post for my Yahoo group, One Stitch at a Time, that I had not blogged for a bit so thought I would share some of our holiday weekend with you so far.  Yeppers, we started yesterday as school was out and all were available to show up for some family time 🙂 which of course made me a very happy grandma!  And… the weather here in Soldotna was warm–almost 70 degrees!–and the wind was minimal for a change 🙂  

After a good time at the park with grands we attended to transplanting some strawberries 🙂  Kaleb is showing himself to be a diligent little gardener.  After I showed him how to dig the holes and how far down to go, he set about doing  just that with me until we had all 20 plants transplanted.  I started the last year in a one time only will never do it again “topsy turvey” that I had gotten for Mother’s Day 2010.  (More about that advertising lie later!)  Then we decided to “water the lawn”.  Did you know that little boys need watered too???

 According to Kaleb he has to be watered at least once a day to grow big and strong–funny little guy!  Oh and that bit of red in the lower right corner?  Well … every little boy has to have a tent to watch his iPad movies in!  Even if little brother Logan will not let him have his privacy! 

After putzing away on some of the pots of dirt, it was time for Mommy and daddy and Siddalee to enter the story 🙂  Now here again is Logan at his most curious as all little boys that are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails do so well 🙂

Hmm… it looks so interesting and what is that crawly thing???

Somehow I don’t think he thought it tasted as good as it looked! 

So now we take a look at his twin “diva” sister over on mommy’s lap 🙂  She is quite the little lady and yes, she knows she’s all that! 

Can you resist that precious little smile?  Our little baby girl has gone through so much since she was born–so many health issues that I cannot even pronounce the names, let alone spell them, but here she is all dolled up in fushia and a blue jean skirt just 4 days after surgery on her tonsils, adenoids and ears 🙂  Quite the little trouper and such a loving little soul.  Can you tell how much we love her *winkee, winkee*.  And she has rediscovered her tongue of late and cannot seem to keep it in her mouth when she knows we have the camera!  But here I was able to catch her and her twin brother without the tongue!

We proceeded from this point on to making dinner and family chit chat as families do then it was time for dessert: watermelon, seedless of course.  This was a first for the twins and Siddalee like it but thought it was too messy, but Logan, now that is another story all together!  He loved it! Loved it so much that about all we could get him to aside from a bit of chicken and oodles of baked beans was watermelon!  3 wedges!  I could just not imagine where he put it all!  And neither could he!

Picture kinda says it all, yes? 

It was a great day and we all had such fun.  So much so that today is going to be filled with garage sales, flower planting and a cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs 🙂  and chocolate cake for dessert 🙂  Can’t get much better than that! 

Till later folks when I make my entry and show the pix for Allies Christmas challenge club 🙂


A few months ago I started a project to create a needlebook and matching pincushion to go with a wall hanging I had made.  This past week I finished it!  Since embroidery pieces and integrating embroidery into my quilting has become my passion, I felt the need for a large needle book that would accommodate the many flosses and needles which I use when doing large projects.  So I set about designing my own as inspired by so many I viewed on the net.  I think I did a pretty good job and just look at the inside!

Lots of room for

Lots of room for needles!


Bringing up finishing things….???  Yep, I am finally working on and nearly have completed Jenny of Elefantz’ “Shabby Roses” blocks from her BOM in 2009 🙂  So okay, it took me this long to get to them, but in my own defense, I can say that I only 2 left to finish and only started on them last week 🙂  This is a project which begs to finished for Allie’s Gift a Month challenge 🙂  Think I can do it?  Only problem is, hmmm…are gifts for ourselves included in this challenge ????  Soooooo…if they are not, ahem, I will have to stop working the Shabby roses and work on The Alaska Wild 🙂 for my son… 

Another finishing up is a WISP from 2010, my Beattitudes BOM!  I only have two verses left to finish on that also 🙂  If all goes well both the Shabby Roses and the Beattitudes should be finished by the end of May!  You can view some of the pics of Beattitudes here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/53475530@N07/?saved=1 

And lastly in regards to finishing is a baby quilt I finished for our Danielle’s new nephew (4 weeks and counting).  River should be nice and cozy in his new quilt: 

Lambykin, soft and huggable

 This quilt was hand quilted using 4 stranded floss on  a pre-printed panel.  It took me a week of solid hand quilting to finish it.  He is also getting a travel changing pad with wipes and diaper space built into it.  The pattern for that came from Cluck Cluck Sew 🙂  It is a favorite of mine to make for new babies in the family.  I made one for Lydia and used it often.  Now I have to give it to the new moms! 

Well that is some of my escapades since I last wrote 🙂  Busy sewing I am!


The past few days I have been concentrating on FINISHING some projects I have started.  I have this problem of starting something and casting it aside and starting a new one, however this year I determined I would NOT be doing this as often and I have pretty much scaled down some OC behavior by limiting myself to those things that “I” want to do for me for the most part.  So…my charming word for the year is FINISHER 🙂 and that I have been doing with great success. 

In January Allie ( http://allie-oopssweethappylife.blogspot.com/) started a “Christmas Through the Year” project and invited all of us to join her.  And I did 🙂  The goal of said project is to make at least one gift a month toward our handmade Christmas pressies.  Allie shares links whether it is some that she has found or some that others have found, of really kewl giftable items.  And…she offers a drawing at the end of month for those participating by sending or publishing a pic of their finished item.  To date, I have about 10 giftees toward my gift list 🙂  One of the little tricks I pulled on myself was to choose things I had been dying to make or wanted to try with this project.  My last post had a few pics of those items, one of which was Allie’s birdcage. 

This month Allie published this as a freebie for us to play with: 

Now folks I gotta tell ya I had fun with this!  I added the little paper dolls that were a free file from Sindy at http://fatcatpatterns.com and I traced it out on tea stained fabric.  What do you think?  Is it gift worthy?  LOL well, I think so and it is my finished project for April 🙂  Would you like to see some other goodies I made for swaps and such? 

There is one that I have left out deliberately as it is going to a friend who reads my blog 🙂 

Have you noticed that all of these are stitchery pieces?  Yeppers!   I am addicted to embroidery and can’t seem to get enough of it.  I have become very interested in doing freestyle hand embroidery over the last few months and have two photos to show you.  The first is a 24 inch block that goes in my “the changling” BOM.  I had so much fun doing the pinwheel! 

May Block-the changling BOM

And the second one is from Sindy’s designs.  I did here crazy hearts mug rug pattern freestyle:

Crazy Hearts--freestyle

I owe a big thank you to Allie and Sindy 🙂 for giving so generously of their talents and I believe in giving credit where credit is due! 

Hope you all have a great weekend!

And the needle sings...

As a stitcher, I choose those works that fit my emotions at the time….When I chose the one above I was thinking of keeping my eyes on the sparrow.  I chose light hues of blue and let the wisdom of age and faith guide me through the design of the outer border and then set my needle singing of peace and rest in our Lord.  This whole piece brings the air of “peace, love, and tranquility to my eyes.  Yes my eyes are on the sparrow and my Savior answered with the dove of peace.  Perhaps He wanted me to feel rested and calmed.  And perhaps, just maybe, He intended all those who view ‘the tender moments’ to feel the same.  Calm, peaceful, loved, and rested. 

For those of you who know me, this is not a surprise–that is to see me get all maudlin over a sentiment set to a needle song.  But you know, it really isn’t maudlin, it is just time…..time to let go of anger, disillusion, grief, anxiety.  It is time to “know why the caged bird sings”. 

She sings of .... freedom

I sing of freedom from the darkness of depression, freedom from the responsibility of others’ problems, freedom to smile and feel joy, happiness, and peace of mind.   Sometimes we just do not see. 

This definitely a New Day and a New Dawn!

This year has been especially hard on me and on my family.  We have had to do deal with many health problems that are long term.  We have had to deal with premature twins and several major problems with them.  We have had to deal with two parents, same family, both diagnosed with RA and my son additionally with spondylosis in his back.  We have had to deal with the oldest son’s sleep apnea and delayed treatment.  I have had to deal with an alcoholic husband who has not worked since May. 

I am not asking anyone to cry for me, just your prayers when you can.  You see, my eyes are on the sparrow. 

Can you hear her singing?

I have met my first goal of 2011!  putting the binding on my quarterly challenge right now!  Whew!  Want a lookee see at what it looked like a couple of days ago?   Yep that is it right above this LOL  danged thing would not insert where I told it to!  Remember, folks, I am still new to blogging and have lots to learn (on my 2011 list).  So I will upload piccies in my next post of the totally FINISHED wall hanging.  Hey, noone told me how difficult it would be to quilt rather use a quilting hoop with all those beads in there!  LOL  I guess we live and learn, ey??? 

Another mention on this entry:  Have you checked out Dorinda 2011 Mystery???  Not like I have nothing else to do, but Betty twisted by keyboard fingers to join, so…..just kidding, she just made it sound so fun I could not say no to this project.  Head on over to ((  http://dodmystery.blogspot.com/2011/01/join-dorinda-mystery-2011.html  )) to read all about it 🙂   My theme is “My favorite things…”  Now whatever will I put into this one????

Another finish for me today was the first block in my BOM design for One Stitch at a Time. 

What is my next WISP project to work on???  I have several in mind but have not really decided on THE one as yet.  The most logical would be the two aprons I started for DDIL Danielle before Christmas.  No, they were not meant for Christmas presents!  I found the fabric in my stash whilst I was working on pressies though and since I had it in hand decided to cut it out and put all the bits and bobs in a zipper bag to work on after the New year…Well that time is here and Danielle’s birthday is January 30th, so lest I get my panties in a bunch in the last hour, I should get them done!  Now that will only take me probably the afternoon tomorrow.  So what is after that?  I do believe I should work on the Dorinda Mystery and quite possibly February block from OST. 

I will try to post new pics tomorrow evening 🙂 Till then, remember, my Charming Word for the year is FINISHER and I expect you all to keep me on track 🙂

January Challenge for Elefantz blog

I made up mind to make the coming year one of doing and finishing 🙂  This is not a resolution–don’t believe in them, but it is a decision of heart to try my better than best to do what I say and finish what I do!  Okay, what am I getting at?  Why, finishing what I start you silly geese!  Laugh with me now!  yeah, yeah, I can hear it bubbling up, go on let it out!   

Honestly, how often do we tell ourselves just that?  Hmmm…I am 54 years old and I know I have said that a gazillion times in my short life.  Well, the time has come to cowgirl up!  Mean what I say and do what I mean!  Okay enough! 

I have many projects laying around my house in boxes, in totes, tote bags, plastic bags, grocery bags, garbage bags (no not full of garbage-well to some maybe, but to a quilter…?), sewing table-which happens to be my kitchen table at times *winkee, winkee*,  and lastly in storage and in the shed!  Sounds like a lot huh???  Sounds worse than it is because I have added my recently curtailed stash in various recepticles in that list 🙂  

What got me to the point of making this concious decision?  This past holiday.  Yep.  I started making holiday/Christmas gifts in May of 2010.  I worked right down to the wire of gift giving on Christmas Day and still had a few that needed finished.  I gotta tell ya, this has not happened in literally years and IT FELT GOOD!  I was a finisher for the most part!  And all gifts were much loved and much appreciated and I was not stressed nor broke because I couldnt finish anything so had to buy presents. 

SEW, this year, I started out the week after Christmas and am still working at it little by little by finishing those few things I had started before this past holiday.  The above skirt in the picture is a Valentine’s Day gift for my 3 year old granddaughter, Lydia.  I take care her during the week when her parents are at work.  She is such a bundle of energy and always helping gramma out in the kitchen and loves to help clean house.  Her favorite chore since she could walk and help out is dishes.  Yep, loves to wash dishes and she is darn good 🙂  The apron is for her take home with her to help mommy out in the kitchen 🙂  Mommy is going to have one also when I get it finished this week.  The apron I made for Lydia served as challenge also which was made by Jenny of Elefantz  (http://www.elefantz.com/).  When Jenny issued the challenge, I thought immediately of the skirt I had started picking out in June last year, so I grabbed it up and the few bits and bobs I had set aside to go with it and the above apron was born 🙂  So that is one gift down for the year. 

So what is it with the gifts and finishes?  Well, I had already determined to do this throughout the year again and start with those projects left unfinished from last year, so when I came across Allie’s post regarding making gifts throughout the year instead of waiting till the last few weeks (Yes, many of us are procrastinators LOL), I knew I was in the project all the way.  Allie of (http://allie-oopssweethappylife.blogspot.com/) is one straight up gal after my own heart.  And she is so supportive!  Drop by and pay her a visit.  Psssttt…I hear she is having a giveaway for a handmade by Allie if you enter a picture of a gift you made for the month! 

This would be the second gift which my little Lydia picked out to finish.  She helped me pin and I did the hand applique and then the binding.  She decided to give it to her new twin cousins this coming Christmas 🙂 and until then she gets to admire our work LOL  Gotta love her, ey?   

The last part of my entry till next time…Have fun and finish!  Be a finisher!  That is my Charming Word for the year.  Finisher!

SO, Okay, everyone has the go green bug 🙂  I have been recycling objects around the house for years before it was fashionable and politic.  Well I guess the new catch phrase for this is “r e p u r p o s i n g”?  LOL  Whatever!  When I first started making my espresso at home I searched for a canister to hold my self ground beans and came up with an idea similar to the one I am providing the link for here today.  However, I was very into craft painting in those years and mine were of course painted!  I still have them in storage 🙂  But now with having grands to play with and trying to find easy things they can “help” make, this was a timely craft idea. 
http://thelongthread.com/?cat=255&paged=4  Scroll down to soup cans revisted  Now she uses a smaller can than I did, I used the big family size cans of soup.  Also, I found that the wide-mouth canning lids fit these perfect and provide a mostly air tight seal so that was good for coffee 🙂  I can also suggest that the big family size cans of baked beans work well.  I am planning on making some of these to put on the shelf over the sink to hold, yes, my fresh ground coffee beans, Earl Grey tea, organic teas, tea strainer (small individual fits just right :), and sugar packets. 
I love this link and there are so many cool project ideas that you can use for “r e p u r p o s i n g” various things around the house and really cool stuff you can do with children!  If you have time http://thelongthread.com/  stop by and take a look at the archives!  Wonderful stuff there! 
Have a really crafty day!

As many of you know I have returned to one of my favorite needle arts, embroidery!  I often tell people, I may not be that good at it, but I’s sure does luvs it!  Come one now, laugh with me!  You know you want to!  But honestly speaking, I have always loved embroidery and thanks to some very precocious Austalian artists, I have re-discovered how much fun it can be to create and so relaxing to work on!  Yep, I am betting it lowers my blood pressure! 

Among these very talented and splendid artists in thread are the girls from Among the Gum Trees 🙂 


As Joy from JoyPatch likes to say “Gawjus” designs *giggle*  (I’m the giggler!)  I try to work all the designs from all the blogs of the lovely ladies that make up the blog: Jenny from Elefantz, Vicki (Tozz)-Tozz’s Corner, Dawn of Dawn Hay Designs, Judith from Creative Studio, Fiona from Mother’s Cupboard, Cheryl from Willowberry Designs, and ta da! Vikki Collumbine  from Sew Useful Designs!

Vikki from Sew Useful Designs is doing a giveaway on her blog this week!  She has just been published in Homespun Magazine that is showcasing her heart designs as pictured below: 

Vikki's Blogaversary giveaway!

Do you see some of her hearts there on the front page of the magazine?  and they are so adorable!  Go here to read up on how she came to design them! 


And you too can enter her giveaway!  2 of those hearts and a pattern and for us in the US, a real treat, a copy of the Homespun magazine that is also featuring a project from Dawn Hay of Dawn Hay Designs.  So if you win, you get all these lovely gifts and….all the projects that in the magazine!  Now that is a win/win giveaway!  

Make sure you check out all the Among the Gum Trees Designers–lots of cool freebies, BOM’s, and I dare you to stay out of their etsy stores! 

Till next time peeps! 

Carmen in AK where they are saying we are to get more snow tonight??????? Geez, will spring never arrive?

Now that I am actually signed in and trying to write a new entry, I find myself perplexed at my ignorance, which most of you who know me is not a nice place for Carmen to be!!!!  So, here I go a muddling around again! 

First things first:  I am  resale shop, repurpose shopping, garage saling, garbage picking f*a*n*a*t*i*c  I tried to give it a rest on Saturday, as I usually go on either Fridays or Saturdays, but …..I couldn’t, just couldn’t stay away!  Up here in AK, there are not too many garage sales going on as yet, however, we do have the resale shops, which I think the aussie girls call, op shops????  Well and anywho, I usually find at least one bedraggled piece of furniture, lamp, or a great item to repurpose, but not this last Saturday!  Imagine my chagrin on that one!  So…then next best thing you ask???  Why a trip to Wally World of course!  Now here I spent $37.89 and came home with two great coffee mugs, a set of six coffee themed towels, a coffee themed pot holder set, a set of 3 sweet pea scented candles, a set of six flour sack towels, and a hershey bar?  LOL had to keep up my shopping strength now didn’t I?  So that was my great shopping outing for the weekend (not so great really) but hey, there is always next weekend. 

So, I am making an apron out of two of the towels with big deep pockets.  Just so happens that the towels match some fat quarters I picked up a few months ago, so all is good.  As luck would have it, the way they designed the graphic on the towels, I only need one cut in half to make the body the of the apron.  Which reminds me, I really have to search the stash and see if I can find that chocolate brown polka dot for the ruffle–a little laugh here–I mean some aprons just have to have a ruffle round to the bustle! 

But that is neither here nor there, as I have had major problems with my right hand all day.  I think I beat the bread dough too vigorously when kneading out the air yesterday morning, so there has been no sewing or even cutting for me today so I gumped it along and let my design muse take the lead on my activities today.  I have some lovely stitchery samplers designed and I finally started working on the Feminine Elegance BOM once again and have decided to post two blocks a month until the series is finished as I have been so delinquent in keeping my committment to our group members on OST.  I really am trying girls and guys to honor my promise. 

This week was also the beginning and release of our Beattitudes BOM quilt project.  Here is a picture of mine, now don’t laugh, it hasn’t been pressed at the time this pic was taken! 

Matthew 5:3

I am just excited at working this series of blocks!  I think I am more excited to see what the others are doing with theirs **big grin**  So now I am working on verse 4, or rather not working on it at the moment…..But this is a great time to show all you non OST members what I did with Val Laird’s Love is…series.  My daughter-in-law, Danielle had been wanting a gift with scripture on it, so here is what I did: 

Scripture Quilt

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (New International Version)

 4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

The above Scripture is stitched all around the individual blocks on the white border.  Here is some detail: 

 It looks so pretty in person–the pics just don’t do it justice, believe me! 

 The main point is that she loves the quilt and I am very happy with the way it worked out! 

Now in my last post I promised to show you all some pictures of my resale shop finds: 


Later, I will post some pics of last few weeks sewing and finds at the shops! 

Till then my friends, have a happy blogging day!

Carmen in AK where is just stopped snowing

Geez, why is it that everytime I slip into a productive mode, I end up with some malady or another?  I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired this winter! just want this winter to be over, over, over, wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!  And it is not enough that I am sick? Lydia was diagnosed with pneumonia and is on a nebulizer and meds.  We are all quite beside ourselves as I am too sick to take care of her and well, her mommy has to stay home with her until daddy gets off work to watch her so mommy can in go into work.  Sheesh!  Enough I say!

Well that pretty much covers everything in my title for this entry.  Hah, and you all thought I was going to abandon this blog yet again, ey????  Nope, only a really bad cold has put me on delay of a few days, but I am amassing all my goodies (acquired just before I caught this darned bug) for their photo shoot 🙂 

On Friday I went resale shop shopping? (is that a correct statement?)  and found all kinds of neat loot to play with in sewing and crafts.  Items such as fabric, shabby chic style for my bedroom curtains, 12 pre-cut wof 12.5 inch strips of white cotton for stitchery projects (my second best find), down on the farm 1/2 yard remnants to match my Debbie Mumm jersey cows, 2 brand new white napkins in all cotton just waiting for some stitchery and a bag pattern :), one new pink pillowcase ready for stitching, a bag of bead baubles to add to my stitcheries, and more.  Bottom line?  I only spent 15 bucks on the whole lot which made me a very happy, thrifty shopper! But then, wait!  Yeah, all that thriftiness took a left turn when I did a drive by at Joanns 😦 but….in my defense?  I only bought sale fabric, the jumbo ric rac (pink of course), pellon extra stiff for fabric baskets, pattern tracing paper (on sale for 99 cents a yard), a bag handle, and my bestest, most coveted buy?  A matroyshka (babushka) pattern for quilt and baby items!  And like I said, this entry is just to let you know I am not abandoning this blog, so pics of all the above will follow, and hopefully my cold meds will take effect and I can get it done yet this morning 🙂   

So until late peeps!

Carmen in thawing out AK where our temp is expected to go over 40 degrees F today!