I have always enjoyed being a grandmother since the day I found out I was going to be a grandmother for the first time.  Autumn and Micah (my oldest son) had been trying for 4 years of their marriage to get pregnant and finally the day had arrived.  Autumn had a flawless pregnancy, a touch and go delivery, and delivered with my assist along with hubby, Dr., and her twin sister, a beautiful baby boy, whom they named Kaleb Lee.  I cried tears of joy to see my first grandchild enter the world so noisy and healthy, yet so peaceful looking.  One of the days of one’s life that we never forget.  And two years later, our middle son Adam and his wife Danielle told me they were pregnant.  Oh, boundless joy from Rick and myself.  And then we found out the new baby would be a girl!  Our first girl grandchild on both sides of the family.  Danielle had to deliver cesarian because Lydia never turned.  She went into labor Thanksgiving Day and was born the Friday after Thanksgiving at 5:01 in the morning.  I stood at the nursery window and cried with joy as my son held his daughter and let his tears of happiness flow freely down his face.  I have never been prouder of either of my sons.  To me, I truly saw them as men for the first time instead of the little boys I worked so hard to raise.

Why am I relating this today on my journal?  Today was a day of remembering all that was good and right with the world.  Today was a day to take stock of all the blessings that God has given me.  He has given me a loving family, a stable relationship with my husband of 16 years, a second profession for the later years of my life, loving and giving friends, and most of all–confidence in myself as a person who is worthy of His love.  In my humble opinion we must do this from time to time amidst the backdrop of desparity, unstable politics, out of control economy.  We can get so wrapped in all the ills of the world and forget to stop and thank God for what we do have.

 My good friend Bobbie just went through hurricane Ike.  I cannot begin to imagine the horror of that experience, but I see the changes in my friend.  I see that her walk with the Lord has become even closer.  I see that amidst it all, her love for her husband, mother and father permeated her every thought.  I know that she sent me word about their travails knowing I would relate to others and thus the prayer chain of warriors would be on their knees.  This was indeed a good day!  A day for remembering those important people in my life and praying for them and thanking God for blessing me with them.

My DFIL passed away a year ago next week.  Rick, by husband had never lost a family member before that he could remember (his father was orphaned at two, and his maternal grandparents died before he was 3).  He took his father’s passing in silent anguish.  It changed him forever, as most of us are forever changed by the passing of our parents.  But I gotta say, with Rick, it went real bad.  Men are not as sharing with their emotions as womenfolk, and Rick was worse than not sharing, he was emotionless and sank into a deep depression of which he has only recently started coming out of.  Our little granddaughter Lydia Rose is responsible the change.  I know that something within him saw the hope she represented and slowly she won her grandfather’s heart.  He is able to laugh freely again, share his thoughts and doubts, but most of all, he has been freed by her unconditional love for him, to love us all again, unconditionally.  So, yes, today was indeed a good day!  “Rejoice and be glad in it, for the Lord your God has made it.”