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All grown and quilted 🙂

Well, at last!  After working on the Lydia’s Forever Stars quilt, it is now its long journey to meet its owner!  I made it just under the wire too.  The finishing touches were completed early this morning at 1:00 am AKT.  She received her final bath and press at 10:00 am then enjoyed her photo shoot for the big reveal at noon 🙂 

I started this quilt on the first of October or there abouts, maybe the last week of September, in design.  Then went shopping for just the right fabrics for her.  Lydia’s favorite colors are black, red, WHITE, and monochromatic color schemes.  I tried to pick fabrics that reflected her taste as I wanted to make sure she would use it!  Warm and natural batting was used and all cottons.  The backing is a high quality cotton.  Now here I did something that most quilters scream and quilt police scream about.  I did not prewash any of the fabrics.  I wanted the old time pouffy, soft comfy feel that says and invites the owner to “use me, curl up and snuggle”.  I do not preshink cotton batting–never have and never will.  So, total shrinkage was less 4% and the look and feel was accomplished!

Close up of quilting motif after wash

Close up of quilting motif after wash


I chose to do my own quilting motif by creating templates of the eight-pointed star in two sizes.  These were quilted in the monochromatic areas of the quilt with a coppery brown thread that complimented the darker fall fabric I chose for the accents of the outer and inner stars.  I think the process worked well with this pattern and was expedient for hand quilting 🙂

Here is a picture of the backside/backing after quilting process 🙂
Back quilted 8 pointed star design

Back quilted 8 pointed star design

This is the way the back appears.  I wasn’t real imaginative with the backing for this quilt in the way of a fancy print.  I had it in mind for the quilt to be used for the white and contrast quilting.  With her liking white, it seemed appropriate 🙂
So this has been my labor of love for my dear MIL, Lydia.  My family contributed by sacrificing their time to allow me to work on it in order to get it finished in time LOL  They have promised to email me pics of the generations gathered around the quilt after it has been given to her.  I will most definitely share them with my friends 🙂
My next big project is quilting my Rick’s birthday/Christmas present!  The TATW mystery quilt we just finished up with on One Stitch at a Time!  Sheesh, why don’t I ever do anything small?  Pictures of the topper are coming tomorrow 🙂 before it goes on to the quilting frame 🙂  This one is KING size!  Oi Vey!

This November brings another Thanksgiving Day and our little Missy Lydia’s first birthday!  Gosh, I just cannot fathom that little bundle of energy being one year old already!  Grandpa, Mommy Danielle and Daddy Adam are taking our little Missy to meet her Great Grandmother Lydia!  Have you ever just welled up with tears at the thought of bringing the generations together and celebrating life as God has meant for us to do?  I sadly cannot accompany them, but I know how much love will be shared by the generations of my family and the joy it will bring to my dear 2nd mom, Lydia!  They have been planning this trip since Lydia was born last year and now the time has come for them to travel. 

With only a week left before they leave, I am on a countdown to finish Mom Lydia’s quilt!  I don’t know if I told you all the problems I was having with the border, but it was being a stinker!!  I still am not satisfied with it, but it is as God intended it to be for sure, cause there is no changing it now!  I know I promised pictures, and I will post them but want to do so with the finished quilt.  I used warm and natural batting (she is allergic to polyester?) so the quilt is a little heavier than I had imagined, but the “Forever Stars” pattern is magnificent in Lydia’s favorite colors 🙂 I chose to do the outline of the largest star in large handstitches to enhance the monochromatic scheme of that part of it.  I myself am anxious to see it finished.  Little Missy already gave it her approval LOL! 

My next Big, Big project is quilting my All in the Color Family Mystery quilt for Rick’s birthday coming up on December 3rd.  He really has no idea that I made the quilt for him!  And he thinks he knows me so well.  He has convinced himself that quilt will remain a UFO!  Lord forgive me for my deceit! cause I let him think that.  Knowing that I would need something to work on,  I kept it packed away until they leave so I can get it finished while they are gone 🙂  I won’t abe able to post a picture of the quilt topper until the mystery finishes its’ run on OST.  There are 3 more clues to be given out and they will be completed by the end of the month.  So you all have two weeks left for my reveal 🙂

I have some upcoming projects that will be coming to the blog 🙂  I am working on a quilted sweatshirt jacket tutorial and a denim bag and apron tutorial from cast off jeans!  I am not sure when they will be ready, but they are in the works and coming along nicely.  I am thinking sometime in December 🙂  In regards to the quilted sweatshirt jacket tutorial–I am flying by the seat of my pants on this one!  I literally scanned the internet for patterns, ideas, pictures and I asked members on OST if they knew of any links or had helpful suggestions.  So I collected all the information and looked over several real life examples and came up with what I am doing.  I can promise you it will definitely be original!  You know, there used to skads of information out there and patterns, how-to’s etc., and then they were gone, except for a few (and most of them pretty dull and unimaginative)!  Well, if any of you readers know me, I am anything but dull and unimaginative when it comes to designs LOL

Hope you all have a terrific weekend and week!  Be writing again soon!


This week has been super busy for me as a list owner and fledgling designer!  Our first full quilt mystery, All in the Color Family Mystery is now under way 🙂  Pictures are starting to come in as list members progress through the clues, of which only 3 have been released thus far.  All I can say is WOW ladies and gentlemen!!  You all are doing such a super job!  The hard part for all of them is waiting the week for the next clue LOL, but then they all voted to get them weekly not daily!  Just goes to show, be careful what you vote for, cause once you do, and the results are tallied, you live with the majority rule.   Now any of you who are reading my blog and don’t belong to One Stitch at a Time, you still have time to jump in on the mystery, just send me and email at:  with a little about yourself and your desire to join such a great list with so many activities.  We are a closed list so membership is by invitation only. 

October 1, 2008 was the beginning of our Octoberfest Sew-in, our second in the year we have been a group!  Present activities include the AITCF Mystery that I mentioned above, Pop Block Christmas project, free pattern releases(Me <g>), R-a-M (Round a month–Val Johnson) start up, Fall-a-bration Wallhanging Mystery (Gracie Lambie), Bingo (Marge Campbell), Teasers (Regina Allen), recipe sharing group wide, and lots of fun and chatter!  Now you see why I have been so busy?  *giggle*  We are a moderated group that believes that no matter what your skill level in quilting, you will find a home group with us!

All that aside for the moment, I have been busy working on the MIL quilt.  I cannot believe that Rick told his mother I was making it for her!  Drat the Man!!!  And they say women can’t keep a secret!  Sheesh!  But all in all, it is coming along and quite nicely, hope to have a picture for you all later this week!  Oh, and you gotta luv what Rick bought me a few weeks ago–a new pentax digital camera that shoots video with sound and takes the most awesome pictures.  The following picture will you give you an idea of how good this little baby is!!

30 am AKT 10/07/08

View at 5:30 am AKT 10/07/08

30 am AKT view

Another 5:30 am AKT view

I was amazed that this camera captured the falling flakes this distinctly with just my camera flash–no external lights whatsoever!  Yes, I am impressed!  By the way, my coffee tasted pretty good at this early hour with this view 🙂  Below are pictures of why I was up that early.

Lydia helping out in the sewing room

Lydia helping out in the sewing room

And of course she is already a willing and adorable model!

Gramma's Natural little model


 So, this has been my life of late except for one minor fact I have left out.  I have had a godawful cold now for going on 3 days!  I do so hope I feel better tomorrow!  I need to catch up with some Pop Blocks and Val’s R-a-Month so you all can see pictures of them next blog post!!