This week has been super busy for me as a list owner and fledgling designer!  Our first full quilt mystery, All in the Color Family Mystery is now under way 🙂  Pictures are starting to come in as list members progress through the clues, of which only 3 have been released thus far.  All I can say is WOW ladies and gentlemen!!  You all are doing such a super job!  The hard part for all of them is waiting the week for the next clue LOL, but then they all voted to get them weekly not daily!  Just goes to show, be careful what you vote for, cause once you do, and the results are tallied, you live with the majority rule.   Now any of you who are reading my blog and don’t belong to One Stitch at a Time, you still have time to jump in on the mystery, just send me and email at:  with a little about yourself and your desire to join such a great list with so many activities.  We are a closed list so membership is by invitation only. 

October 1, 2008 was the beginning of our Octoberfest Sew-in, our second in the year we have been a group!  Present activities include the AITCF Mystery that I mentioned above, Pop Block Christmas project, free pattern releases(Me <g>), R-a-M (Round a month–Val Johnson) start up, Fall-a-bration Wallhanging Mystery (Gracie Lambie), Bingo (Marge Campbell), Teasers (Regina Allen), recipe sharing group wide, and lots of fun and chatter!  Now you see why I have been so busy?  *giggle*  We are a moderated group that believes that no matter what your skill level in quilting, you will find a home group with us!

All that aside for the moment, I have been busy working on the MIL quilt.  I cannot believe that Rick told his mother I was making it for her!  Drat the Man!!!  And they say women can’t keep a secret!  Sheesh!  But all in all, it is coming along and quite nicely, hope to have a picture for you all later this week!  Oh, and you gotta luv what Rick bought me a few weeks ago–a new pentax digital camera that shoots video with sound and takes the most awesome pictures.  The following picture will you give you an idea of how good this little baby is!!

30 am AKT 10/07/08

View at 5:30 am AKT 10/07/08

30 am AKT view

Another 5:30 am AKT view

I was amazed that this camera captured the falling flakes this distinctly with just my camera flash–no external lights whatsoever!  Yes, I am impressed!  By the way, my coffee tasted pretty good at this early hour with this view 🙂  Below are pictures of why I was up that early.

Lydia helping out in the sewing room

Lydia helping out in the sewing room

And of course she is already a willing and adorable model!

Gramma's Natural little model


 So, this has been my life of late except for one minor fact I have left out.  I have had a godawful cold now for going on 3 days!  I do so hope I feel better tomorrow!  I need to catch up with some Pop Blocks and Val’s R-a-Month so you all can see pictures of them next blog post!!