This November brings another Thanksgiving Day and our little Missy Lydia’s first birthday!  Gosh, I just cannot fathom that little bundle of energy being one year old already!  Grandpa, Mommy Danielle and Daddy Adam are taking our little Missy to meet her Great Grandmother Lydia!  Have you ever just welled up with tears at the thought of bringing the generations together and celebrating life as God has meant for us to do?  I sadly cannot accompany them, but I know how much love will be shared by the generations of my family and the joy it will bring to my dear 2nd mom, Lydia!  They have been planning this trip since Lydia was born last year and now the time has come for them to travel. 

With only a week left before they leave, I am on a countdown to finish Mom Lydia’s quilt!  I don’t know if I told you all the problems I was having with the border, but it was being a stinker!!  I still am not satisfied with it, but it is as God intended it to be for sure, cause there is no changing it now!  I know I promised pictures, and I will post them but want to do so with the finished quilt.  I used warm and natural batting (she is allergic to polyester?) so the quilt is a little heavier than I had imagined, but the “Forever Stars” pattern is magnificent in Lydia’s favorite colors 🙂 I chose to do the outline of the largest star in large handstitches to enhance the monochromatic scheme of that part of it.  I myself am anxious to see it finished.  Little Missy already gave it her approval LOL! 

My next Big, Big project is quilting my All in the Color Family Mystery quilt for Rick’s birthday coming up on December 3rd.  He really has no idea that I made the quilt for him!  And he thinks he knows me so well.  He has convinced himself that quilt will remain a UFO!  Lord forgive me for my deceit! cause I let him think that.  Knowing that I would need something to work on,  I kept it packed away until they leave so I can get it finished while they are gone 🙂  I won’t abe able to post a picture of the quilt topper until the mystery finishes its’ run on OST.  There are 3 more clues to be given out and they will be completed by the end of the month.  So you all have two weeks left for my reveal 🙂

I have some upcoming projects that will be coming to the blog 🙂  I am working on a quilted sweatshirt jacket tutorial and a denim bag and apron tutorial from cast off jeans!  I am not sure when they will be ready, but they are in the works and coming along nicely.  I am thinking sometime in December 🙂  In regards to the quilted sweatshirt jacket tutorial–I am flying by the seat of my pants on this one!  I literally scanned the internet for patterns, ideas, pictures and I asked members on OST if they knew of any links or had helpful suggestions.  So I collected all the information and looked over several real life examples and came up with what I am doing.  I can promise you it will definitely be original!  You know, there used to skads of information out there and patterns, how-to’s etc., and then they were gone, except for a few (and most of them pretty dull and unimaginative)!  Well, if any of you readers know me, I am anything but dull and unimaginative when it comes to designs LOL

Hope you all have a terrific weekend and week!  Be writing again soon!