Geez, why is it that everytime I slip into a productive mode, I end up with some malady or another?  I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired this winter! just want this winter to be over, over, over, wahhhhhhhhhhh!!!  And it is not enough that I am sick? Lydia was diagnosed with pneumonia and is on a nebulizer and meds.  We are all quite beside ourselves as I am too sick to take care of her and well, her mommy has to stay home with her until daddy gets off work to watch her so mommy can in go into work.  Sheesh!  Enough I say!

Well that pretty much covers everything in my title for this entry.  Hah, and you all thought I was going to abandon this blog yet again, ey????  Nope, only a really bad cold has put me on delay of a few days, but I am amassing all my goodies (acquired just before I caught this darned bug) for their photo shoot 🙂 

On Friday I went resale shop shopping? (is that a correct statement?)  and found all kinds of neat loot to play with in sewing and crafts.  Items such as fabric, shabby chic style for my bedroom curtains, 12 pre-cut wof 12.5 inch strips of white cotton for stitchery projects (my second best find), down on the farm 1/2 yard remnants to match my Debbie Mumm jersey cows, 2 brand new white napkins in all cotton just waiting for some stitchery and a bag pattern :), one new pink pillowcase ready for stitching, a bag of bead baubles to add to my stitcheries, and more.  Bottom line?  I only spent 15 bucks on the whole lot which made me a very happy, thrifty shopper! But then, wait!  Yeah, all that thriftiness took a left turn when I did a drive by at Joanns 😦 but….in my defense?  I only bought sale fabric, the jumbo ric rac (pink of course), pellon extra stiff for fabric baskets, pattern tracing paper (on sale for 99 cents a yard), a bag handle, and my bestest, most coveted buy?  A matroyshka (babushka) pattern for quilt and baby items!  And like I said, this entry is just to let you know I am not abandoning this blog, so pics of all the above will follow, and hopefully my cold meds will take effect and I can get it done yet this morning 🙂   

So until late peeps!

Carmen in thawing out AK where our temp is expected to go over 40 degrees F today!