SO, Okay, everyone has the go green bug 🙂  I have been recycling objects around the house for years before it was fashionable and politic.  Well I guess the new catch phrase for this is “r e p u r p o s i n g”?  LOL  Whatever!  When I first started making my espresso at home I searched for a canister to hold my self ground beans and came up with an idea similar to the one I am providing the link for here today.  However, I was very into craft painting in those years and mine were of course painted!  I still have them in storage 🙂  But now with having grands to play with and trying to find easy things they can “help” make, this was a timely craft idea.  Scroll down to soup cans revisted  Now she uses a smaller can than I did, I used the big family size cans of soup.  Also, I found that the wide-mouth canning lids fit these perfect and provide a mostly air tight seal so that was good for coffee 🙂  I can also suggest that the big family size cans of baked beans work well.  I am planning on making some of these to put on the shelf over the sink to hold, yes, my fresh ground coffee beans, Earl Grey tea, organic teas, tea strainer (small individual fits just right :), and sugar packets. 
I love this link and there are so many cool project ideas that you can use for “r e p u r p o s i n g” various things around the house and really cool stuff you can do with children!  If you have time  stop by and take a look at the archives!  Wonderful stuff there! 
Have a really crafty day!