I have met my first goal of 2011!  putting the binding on my quarterly challenge right now!  Whew!  Want a lookee see at what it looked like a couple of days ago?   Yep that is it right above this LOL  danged thing would not insert where I told it to!  Remember, folks, I am still new to blogging and have lots to learn (on my 2011 list).  So I will upload piccies in my next post of the totally FINISHED wall hanging.  Hey, noone told me how difficult it would be to quilt rather use a quilting hoop with all those beads in there!  LOL  I guess we live and learn, ey??? 

Another mention on this entry:  Have you checked out Dorinda 2011 Mystery???  Not like I have nothing else to do, but Betty twisted by keyboard fingers to join, so…..just kidding, she just made it sound so fun I could not say no to this project.  Head on over to ((  http://dodmystery.blogspot.com/2011/01/join-dorinda-mystery-2011.html  )) to read all about it 🙂   My theme is “My favorite things…”  Now whatever will I put into this one????

Another finish for me today was the first block in my BOM design for One Stitch at a Time. 

What is my next WISP project to work on???  I have several in mind but have not really decided on THE one as yet.  The most logical would be the two aprons I started for DDIL Danielle before Christmas.  No, they were not meant for Christmas presents!  I found the fabric in my stash whilst I was working on pressies though and since I had it in hand decided to cut it out and put all the bits and bobs in a zipper bag to work on after the New year…Well that time is here and Danielle’s birthday is January 30th, so lest I get my panties in a bunch in the last hour, I should get them done!  Now that will only take me probably the afternoon tomorrow.  So what is after that?  I do believe I should work on the Dorinda Mystery and quite possibly February block from OST. 

I will try to post new pics tomorrow evening 🙂 Till then, remember, my Charming Word for the year is FINISHER and I expect you all to keep me on track 🙂