And the needle sings...

As a stitcher, I choose those works that fit my emotions at the time….When I chose the one above I was thinking of keeping my eyes on the sparrow.  I chose light hues of blue and let the wisdom of age and faith guide me through the design of the outer border and then set my needle singing of peace and rest in our Lord.  This whole piece brings the air of “peace, love, and tranquility to my eyes.  Yes my eyes are on the sparrow and my Savior answered with the dove of peace.  Perhaps He wanted me to feel rested and calmed.  And perhaps, just maybe, He intended all those who view ‘the tender moments’ to feel the same.  Calm, peaceful, loved, and rested. 

For those of you who know me, this is not a surprise–that is to see me get all maudlin over a sentiment set to a needle song.  But you know, it really isn’t maudlin, it is just time…..time to let go of anger, disillusion, grief, anxiety.  It is time to “know why the caged bird sings”. 

She sings of .... freedom

I sing of freedom from the darkness of depression, freedom from the responsibility of others’ problems, freedom to smile and feel joy, happiness, and peace of mind.   Sometimes we just do not see. 

This definitely a New Day and a New Dawn!

This year has been especially hard on me and on my family.  We have had to do deal with many health problems that are long term.  We have had to deal with premature twins and several major problems with them.  We have had to deal with two parents, same family, both diagnosed with RA and my son additionally with spondylosis in his back.  We have had to deal with the oldest son’s sleep apnea and delayed treatment.  I have had to deal with an alcoholic husband who has not worked since May. 

I am not asking anyone to cry for me, just your prayers when you can.  You see, my eyes are on the sparrow. 

Can you hear her singing?