A few months ago I started a project to create a needlebook and matching pincushion to go with a wall hanging I had made.  This past week I finished it!  Since embroidery pieces and integrating embroidery into my quilting has become my passion, I felt the need for a large needle book that would accommodate the many flosses and needles which I use when doing large projects.  So I set about designing my own as inspired by so many I viewed on the net.  I think I did a pretty good job and just look at the inside!

Lots of room for

Lots of room for needles!


Bringing up finishing things….???  Yep, I am finally working on and nearly have completed Jenny of Elefantz’ “Shabby Roses” blocks from her BOM in 2009 🙂  So okay, it took me this long to get to them, but in my own defense, I can say that I only 2 left to finish and only started on them last week 🙂  This is a project which begs to finished for Allie’s Gift a Month challenge 🙂  Think I can do it?  Only problem is, hmmm…are gifts for ourselves included in this challenge ????  Soooooo…if they are not, ahem, I will have to stop working the Shabby roses and work on The Alaska Wild 🙂 for my son… 

Another finishing up is a WISP from 2010, my Beattitudes BOM!  I only have two verses left to finish on that also 🙂  If all goes well both the Shabby Roses and the Beattitudes should be finished by the end of May!  You can view some of the pics of Beattitudes here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/53475530@N07/?saved=1 

And lastly in regards to finishing is a baby quilt I finished for our Danielle’s new nephew (4 weeks and counting).  River should be nice and cozy in his new quilt: 

Lambykin, soft and huggable

 This quilt was hand quilted using 4 stranded floss on  a pre-printed panel.  It took me a week of solid hand quilting to finish it.  He is also getting a travel changing pad with wipes and diaper space built into it.  The pattern for that came from Cluck Cluck Sew 🙂  It is a favorite of mine to make for new babies in the family.  I made one for Lydia and used it often.  Now I have to give it to the new moms! 

Well that is some of my escapades since I last wrote 🙂  Busy sewing I am!