It occured to me while writing a post for my Yahoo group, One Stitch at a Time, that I had not blogged for a bit so thought I would share some of our holiday weekend with you so far.  Yeppers, we started yesterday as school was out and all were available to show up for some family time 🙂 which of course made me a very happy grandma!  And… the weather here in Soldotna was warm–almost 70 degrees!–and the wind was minimal for a change 🙂  

After a good time at the park with grands we attended to transplanting some strawberries 🙂  Kaleb is showing himself to be a diligent little gardener.  After I showed him how to dig the holes and how far down to go, he set about doing  just that with me until we had all 20 plants transplanted.  I started the last year in a one time only will never do it again “topsy turvey” that I had gotten for Mother’s Day 2010.  (More about that advertising lie later!)  Then we decided to “water the lawn”.  Did you know that little boys need watered too???

 According to Kaleb he has to be watered at least once a day to grow big and strong–funny little guy!  Oh and that bit of red in the lower right corner?  Well … every little boy has to have a tent to watch his iPad movies in!  Even if little brother Logan will not let him have his privacy! 

After putzing away on some of the pots of dirt, it was time for Mommy and daddy and Siddalee to enter the story 🙂  Now here again is Logan at his most curious as all little boys that are made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails do so well 🙂

Hmm… it looks so interesting and what is that crawly thing???

Somehow I don’t think he thought it tasted as good as it looked! 

So now we take a look at his twin “diva” sister over on mommy’s lap 🙂  She is quite the little lady and yes, she knows she’s all that! 

Can you resist that precious little smile?  Our little baby girl has gone through so much since she was born–so many health issues that I cannot even pronounce the names, let alone spell them, but here she is all dolled up in fushia and a blue jean skirt just 4 days after surgery on her tonsils, adenoids and ears 🙂  Quite the little trouper and such a loving little soul.  Can you tell how much we love her *winkee, winkee*.  And she has rediscovered her tongue of late and cannot seem to keep it in her mouth when she knows we have the camera!  But here I was able to catch her and her twin brother without the tongue!

We proceeded from this point on to making dinner and family chit chat as families do then it was time for dessert: watermelon, seedless of course.  This was a first for the twins and Siddalee like it but thought it was too messy, but Logan, now that is another story all together!  He loved it! Loved it so much that about all we could get him to aside from a bit of chicken and oodles of baked beans was watermelon!  3 wedges!  I could just not imagine where he put it all!  And neither could he!

Picture kinda says it all, yes? 

It was a great day and we all had such fun.  So much so that today is going to be filled with garage sales, flower planting and a cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs 🙂  and chocolate cake for dessert 🙂  Can’t get much better than that! 

Till later folks when I make my entry and show the pix for Allies Christmas challenge club 🙂