Life and meanderings

Life and meanderings

Where to begin…..I am new to blogging but eager to learn 🙂  About me…

I am an Alaskan, having moved up here with 3 teens, a dog, and of course the DH, Rick in 2000.  We tired of the Chicago Metro area and the violence we dealt with on a daily basis and sought a better environment to finish raising our boys.  Our boys are now grown with families of their own, which you will hear quite a bit about on my blog!  Alaska has been good to us and for us as a family and a couple.

I took up quilting very early in life and dabbled with it throughout the years, but seriously started studying and applying the art when we moved up here.  I now design, which I never thought I would have the guts to do and earn income by making quilts by contract.  I don’t think there is a pattern out there that I have not altered to fit my needs taste and needs.  I love bright, bold colors and bold patterns.

This blog is meant to be a live journal that chronicles my observations of life, living, family, and of course my quilting and my friends. 

So Welcome to my life 🙂  Come in and read, laugh, and enjoy my journey in life, friends, and quilting!