Why is it the harder I try, the behinder I get?  I will conquer this border I swear, for the MIL quilt.  I have played with it all day long trying to get it to look like ric-a-rac!  And finally about 9 pm this evening, it was accomplished.  I cannot tell you why it went all wonky today, but wonky it did go!  Thank goodness it is only on the top and bottom of the quilt!!

Bobbie had asked me if Aurora’s Star was the same pattern from the Christmas mystery I ran last year.  It is not the same.  That pattern I named Aurora’s Quest for Lydia’s Star.  Here is the picture **Lydia loves snuggling with this quilt, btw!

Lydia's snuggle blankie


Aurora’s Star was born from a yard of rainbow batik that my dear friend and co-owner of OST had sent me.  The batik begged for its very own pattern and thus become a ‘test’ of sorts for Rick’s office version with green/yellow batik that kind of shimmers like our Aurora lights do here in Alaska.  The one that will be hanging in the lobby of the main office is Aurora’s Star-Dawn, and the one in his office is Aurora’s Star-Midnight.  Twin quilts and aptly named.  I will be posting a picture of the twins as soon as they are finished.

These quilts are a result of designing for the fabric not finding a fabric to fit the design.  I am doing this more and more and loving every minute of it, as you can probably tell.

The following quilt was a design I had in mind for fabrics I had on hand.  The design idea was bourne from my spiritual belief and wanting to put into my art the feelings Christ’s sacrifice brings out in me.  Thanks to Grace, I figured out how to complete the outer border, and it is in the cutting stages, so what you see is almost finished, awaiting the final border which will be very dramatic and BRIGHT!

A quilt with personal meaning

A quilt with personal meaning

Can you tell I love bright colors?  LOL  And it still has more to come! 

I am certainly hoping to be able to post a picture of my “Forever Stars” quilt that I designed for my MIL.  Lydia Thomas is an admirable woman who escaped the ravages of Stalin with her sister just as WWII was beginning.  After several heroic events in her life, Lydia became a translator for the Americans where she met her husband Peter, Rick’s father.  Sadly, Peter passed away last year in October.  He is missed by his family, but most of all his dear wife, Lydia.  My little beloved granddaughter, Lydia Rose is named after Lydia the elder.  They are going to meet face to face in October this year as DH Rick, my son Adam and wife Danielle, and of course our darling little Missy, make the journey to Wisconsin to visit with her and other family members. 

Oh, guess I better tell you about the oven–it is definitely “fried”!!  So we went shopping for a new stove and found one that we can live with for under 400 but have to wait a week for it to come in on order.  I ended up making Pepper Steak with Rice for dinner as I forgot to start the crock this morning.  Well, not forgot, just didn’t want to make stew!  Stew calls for homemade yeast rolls and of course, can’t make them without the oven!! Whew!!  And now of course, I am thinking of everything to make in an oven because I do not have one at the moment.  So Bobbie, Gracie, and Birdie–NO RHUBARB COBBLER!!  LOL  Have to settle for stewed rhubarb, or rhubarb compote on pancakes for breakfast in the morning!

Good Night Everyone!