Please be patient with me as I am still learning the ropes on this blogging thing *sigh*  Why can’t they can instant knowledge like a can of soda?  But oh, no, gotta string it out with things like time, mistakes, experience, ecrued over hours, weeks, months!  It just ain’t fair!!  Like, who the heck has the time to play with ‘puters when we should be doing things like cutting out fabric for the All in the Color Family Mystery, or finish sewing Gracie’s Fallabration Mystery Block test or Val’s RAM center block, or finish quilting DH’s Aurora’s Star Quilt or making Lydia’s nightie/sock monkey set?  Hmmm….????  Really, like who has the time?   Well, I guess I better find the time!!!!  At almost 1 am here in Soldotna I am finding the time to write this post up, heh heh heh, so who needs sleep?

The days events were not as expected.  Went garage saling with Danielle and Lydia and enjoyed our time out together.  We ended up stopping at the grocery store for sundries, lunch, and something to throw in the oven for dinner (news flash–the oven has to work before that can happen!), then drop them off and home to sew–or so I thought–NOT  I did finish cutting out the border for my “Forever Star” pattern (72 HST), cut out the center block for Val’s Round-a-Month BOM, and re-cut Gracie’s Fallabration test pattern.  Rick went in to teach his class and my energy meter went into the red zone and kept saying sleep, Carmen, sleep……and I guess I did for 5 hours.  I woke up 10 minutes before Rick got home.  This was not a good thing.  Threw the pizza in the oven–oven did not work–damn!  Grilled cheese does not replace pizza…huh uh, no way, no how, not going to happen, won’t do, and it didn’t!  So the crockpot is out for tomorrow dinner!

My day did have a bright side, Bobbie is okay, her power is on, water working, septic working, and she was off to sleep peacefully with Ginger to stand guard and watch over her–or slobber all over LOL  Bet she missed you Bobbie!  I can only imagine what working on ambulance would be like on a 24 hour straight shift after Hurricane Ike decimated the Houston area, wiped out Galveston and put millions out of power, food, gas, light, etc.  What a nightmare.  So I was glad to know she was home safe and sound and in the caring hands of her DH Walt and Ginger!  And the really good news for her was that she didn’t have to do the ambulance thing again–she can go back to her ‘normal’ job position!

So with all this free time I have not found yet, I still have to finish my Anniversary Gala Quilt for Adam for Christmas this year, the Fall Maple Harvest Quilt, and Bobbies Maples Leafs of Friendship.  And……hand quilt the MIL quilt before October 26th–That is when Rick, Adam, Danielle, and Lydia are going to Wisconsin!  Well, folks, I am going to be burning the midnight oil for weeks on end until then!

Oh, my last little goodie for this morning!  I am almost finished with Rick’s Aurora’s Star!  It is a wall hanging for his office that is made with green/yellow batik (shimmers like an aurora) on a black background.  It is in my estimation (of course I designed it) a fabulous work!  I am hand quilting in stints during my free tv time or when the neck and back are aching too bad to use the machine.  I should have it completed this week and ready to bind!  It’s twin “Aurora’s Dawn” is waiting to be layered and finished so it can hang in the lobby where he works.  The twins each measure 52″ inches square when completed.  I will be posting photos of them, especially “Aurora’s Star” real soon!

Till, tomorrow folks!  Time for Carmen to go nite, nite!!